VANLTG on Visual equipment

Are you aware that only 50 percent of the people attending your corporate presentation show are able to view the video properly? Audio does not pose any problem and you can enhance its quality by installing audio dampers such as acoustic cloth screens set up properly. However, it is a different case altogether as far as video quality is concerned, especially when you are using an LCD (liquid crystal display) unit for the display. In the past, only those seated directly in front of the screen could view the images properly. Individuals sitting at an angle of 45 degrees or more from the display unit can only see a blurred image of the projection. This can cause serious problems, especially when viewing images containing text. Although advances in technology have reduced this problem by a great extent, the problem still exists. Theoretically, one can solve this problem by hiring and installing multiple display units in the exhibition room. However, that inflates the cost. Apart from that, this is not an ideal solution, especially if you are planning to set up a home theatre.

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Light background blends with the bold foreground

While one can find do it yourself solutions on the net, more often than not it is extremely difficult to implement them. Can you imagine the problems your prospective clients will face when they are unable to view the information projected on the screen. When viewed from an angle, light colours of your video appear as bold and blend with the other information on the display unit. This occurs due to the polarising filters on the LCD monitor. View dark coloured text on a monitor from the front, and slowly move your head away from the same so that you view the image from an angle. You will observe that the top and opposite corner background colours become dark and blend with the dark coloured text. This illusionary effect increases and slowly fills up the entire screen, once you have shifted your head 60 degrees or so away from the monitor. It is the same when you view the display from the top or from the bottom. The problem compounds if there are other illumination sources in the room.

Contact a professional

Installing a video projector properly requires in depth knowledge. This is why you need the help of a professional for your video projector installation purposes. Do not opt for the first company you come across on the net while searching for professional video installation services. You should check how long the company has been in the business and the number of clients they have served satisfactorily. Contact Sensory if you want the best value for your money and desire that all the people in the room can view the visual properly. They have been in the business for a long time and their team of expert fitters will examine the ambient light in the room and the other illumination sources in the room and set up the equipment, including the monitor and the projector in such a way, so that everybody can view the visual content properly.